Wireless Charging furniture

Beautiful craftsmanship combined with integrated technology

Hannafordlife bring the worlds of Wireless charging and bespoke joinery together. Whether it be for your home office or corporate installation we can provide seamless integrated smart phone charging solutions for you.

'Unlocking the true potential of bespoke furniture for retail and commercial environments'

‘Hannafordlife was born out of a desire to innovate’

Hannafordlife was born out of a desire to innovate and explore new possibilities for creating new and exciting ‘interactive’ furniture and products. It soon became clear that wireless charging was an area to explore, specifically within the retail market. Creating and introducing purpose designed furniture incorporating the latest technology to the retail market became the objective, to seamlessly integrate the pace of technology with beautiful craftsmanship.

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Hannafordlife welcome you to our office and showroom, which contains a display model of the wireless charging furniture.

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